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Research projects

We are involved in various research projects aimed at finding satisfactory solutions to the challenges we face, particularlyin relation to the content of saturated fat, sugar and salt in our products.

Stabburet leads the project SALT O, a three-year research project in which leading Norwegian manufacturers are working with researchers at the Norwegian food research institute Nofima. The project goal is to reduce by 25% the quantity of salt in everyday products such as cheese, boiled ham, pâtés and forcemeat. Orkla is also involved in an EU project, the aim of which is to reduce the content of fat, sugar and salt in a number of categories of interest to Orkla.

A number of Orkla companies collaborate with the Antidiabetic Food Centre (AFC) at Lund University in Sweden. AFC seeks to promote knowledge and expertise associated with the development of food products that can help to reduce the risk of obesity, age-related diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Researchers at Lund University have investigated the effect of a change in diet for persons with a high risk of diabetes and cardiac disease. A higher proportion of antioxidants and whole-grain products was introduced into their diet. The results were a sharp reduction in cholesterol level, a fall in blood pressure and a lower risk of developing thrombosis.