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Dialogue with stakeholders

An active dialogue with customers, suppliers, employees, owners, authorities and civil society actors is fundamental to Orkla’s corporate responsibility work. We believe that partnership with others is a prerequisite for making greater progress in our efforts to achieve a sustainable value chain.

A good dialogue with stakeholders is important for understanding and adapting to changes in society and for creating confidence in Orkla’s branded consumer goods and companies. Orkla maintains a close dialogue with its main stakeholder groups and attaches importance to understanding their viewpoints. By collaborating with other companies, authorities, research communities and interest organisations, we can help to solve complex challenges in areas in which we have common interests.

  • The Norwegian Minister of agriculture and food, Sylvi Listhaug, visited Orkla's Grandiosa factory in Stranda, Norway on 19 February 2015. To the right: Group Director Håkon Mageli.

    Dialogue with authorities and politicians

    Contact with authorities and communication with external organisations also take place at Group and business area level. Orkla companies maintain an ongoing dialogue with the supervisory authorities to ensure compliance wi...
  • Dialogue with organisations

    Dialogue with organisations

    Orkla is a member of the United Nations Global Compact and participates in the Global Compact’s Nordic Countries network, which supports the exchange of experience and accumulation of expertise relating to relevant corpora...
  • Magnus Ekholm at Orkla Foods Sverige's consumer service

    Dialogue with customers

    The work of developing new products and solutions must be based on a thorough understanding of customer needs. At the same time, Orkla companies seek to pave the way for optimal handling of complaints and other inquiries f...
  • Håkon Mageli

    Håkon Mageli

    Group Director, Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs

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Orkla's main stakeholders

  • Customers and consumers
  • Investors
  • Suppliers
  • Authorities
  • Interest organisations
  • Research communities
  • Local communities
  • Employees