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Nærings- og handelsminister Trond Giske åpnet høsten 2010 Borregaards nye driftssenter. Foto: Jarl M. Andersen

Dialogue with stakeholders

A good dialogue with stakeholders is important for understanding the society of which we form a part, obtaining ideas and input for further development of our operations, and creating confidence in our companies and products. 

Orkla’s business activities are dependent on constructive interaction with society. The ability to understand and address stakeholder needs is essential to the Group in many ways: to ensure the recruitment of necessary staff and that requisite resources, access to capital and operating parameters are present, to ensure understanding of market needs and what is required by companies to create further profitable growth, and to build trust in products and companies.

Orkla’s most important stakeholder groups are its own employees, customers, suppliers, owners, the authorities and the local communities in which the companies operate. The individual Group company is required to establish procedures for a continuous dialogue and stakeholder involvement ranging from employee performance-assessment interviews and customer-service functions to contact with the authorities, communication with organisations and participation in external networks.

  • The Swedish prime minister John F. Reinfeldt visits Göteborg Kex.

    Dialogue with authorities and politicians

    Contact with authorities and communication with external organisations also take place at Group and business area level. Orkla companies maintain an ongoing dialogue with the supervisory authorities to ensure compliance wi...
  • Dialogue with organisations

    Dialogue with organisations

    Orkla is a member of the United Nations Global Compact and participates in the Global Compact’s Nordic Countries network, which supports the exchange of experience and accumulation of expertise relating to relevant corpora...
  • Dialogue with customers

    Dialogue with customers

    The work of developing new products and solutions must be based on a thorough understanding of customer needs. At the same time, Orkla companies seek to pave the way for optimal handling of complaints and other inquiries f...
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