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Orkla is committed to operating in accordance with fundamental ethical values and with respect for individuals, society and the environment. To ensure compliance with this standard in every part of the Group, Orkla emphasises the importance of developing good managers, a strong corporate culture and appropriate management procedures.

In line with Orkla’s multi-local organisational model, each company has an independent responsibility for its own operations, which includes exercising the company’s corporate responsibility. This work takes place within the framework of the Group’s values and general guidelines, and is followed up through internal reporting, internal audits, risk management procedures and the Group’s internal governance structure. Monitoring the companies’ compliance with rules, their corporate responsibility and ethics is also part of the internal audit function.

  • Corporate governance

    Corporate governance

    Orkla’s principles for good corporate governance aim to lay the foundation for long-term value creation, for the benefit of shareholders, employees and society at large.These principles cannot repl...
  • Organisation of Orkla’s corporate responsibility work

    Responsibility for drawing up and revising the Group’s Code of Practice lies with Orkla’s Corporate Governance Unit, which reports to Orkla’s President and CEO. This unit has a corporate responsibility function, which coor...


Ellen Behrens

Ellen Behrens

Vice President CR

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Results and goals

Results in 2012

  • In 2012 Orkla developed a method of analysing sustainability related risk and tested it on selected companies, with good results. The method is designed in such a way that it allows mapping of the company's responsibility to important stakeholders through the entire value chain.
  • A new web portal that gives all the Group companies and employees easy access to Orkla's governing documents was launched in 2012.
  • The Group's corporate responsibility function assists the companies with training and guidance in corporate responsibility and business ethics, as a supplement to the training conducted by the companies themselves. A total of 740 managers and key personnel took part in training in corporate responsibility and business ethics in 2012, compared with approximately 150 in 2011. This represents about 3% of the total number of employees.

Goals for 2013/2014

  • A broad roll-out of the risk mapping method
  • Revision of the procedures for training in corporate responsibility and business ethics.