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Orkla seeks to create a strong corporate culture, in which employees grow and thrive and utilise their full potential. This is both a responsibility and crucial to developing the Group’s competitiveness.

  • Organisational development

    Organisational development

    The efforts to develop Orkla’s human resources and corporate culture are driven by the management of the individual companies in accordance with national regulatory frameworks and Orkla’s guideline...
  • Human resource development

    Human resource development

    Good results are achieved when all our employees master their existing tasks, and stretch their skills to successfully tackle new responsibilities. Orkla wants its employees at every level and in all parts of the Group to...
  • Employee consultation

    Employee consultation

    Good formal arrangements for dialogue between management and employee representatives are important to ensure collaboration on business strategy and appropriate handling of matters affecting employ...
  • Gender equality and diversity

    Gender equality and diversity

    Orkla has a corporate culture characterised by respect and equality. These values are important in order to compete successfully for manpower, and to utilise employees’ full potential in the best i...
  • Employees at Orkla Foods Sverige

    Employee opinion survey

    In February 2014, an employee opinion survey was carried out among Orkla employees. The survey was conducted in 20 local languages, in 20 countries, in collaboration with the Corporate Executive Bo...


  • Ellen Behrens

    Ellen Behrens

    Vice President CSR

    +47 92 80 45 80

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Our position on human rights

Fundamental to human rights work is an understanding of what respect for human rights means in practice for the individual company, our employees and our business partners. Equal opportunities, diversity, consultation and employee involvement are core values for Orkla. We do not accept breaches of human and workers' rights.

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