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Employee opinion survey

In February 2014, an employee opinion survey was carried out among Orkla employees. The survey was conducted in 20 local languages, in 20 countries, in collaboration with the Corporate Executive Board Company (CEB) analysis company. The survey was sent to a total of 11,331 employees, of whom 10,078 (89%) replied. This high rate of response makes the results representative and reliable.

At a general level, the survey results showed that Orkla employees have a high level of engagement, and in a number of areas, Orkla achieved significantly better results than other comparable companies. Among other things, the survey showed that 84% of the respondents are proud to work at Orkla. Moreover, the vast majority think that they are able to influence their own work, would recommend their workplace to others and are willing to make an extra effort for the company. The results of the employee opinion survey provide important information that will form the basis for concrete improvement measures in the individual businesses.

  • High level of engagement at Orkla

    High level of engagement at Orkla

    There is a high level of engagement among Orkla employees and a great many of them are willing to make an extra effort for the company they work in, as can be seen from Orkla’s employee opinion survey.