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Human resource development

Human resource development

Good results are achieved when all our employees master their existing tasks, and stretch their skills to successfully tackle new responsibilities. Orkla wants its employees at every level and in all parts of the Group to have the opportunity to use their abilities and develop their potential. 

Orkla’s organisational and leadership development strategy lays the foundation for the Group’s efforts to develop competency and leadership skills.

Results 2015

As part of the work of implementing this strategy, a number of system and process improvements were carried out in 2015:

  • A new leadership development policy was drawn up.
  • New leadership principles were introduced for the companies’ executive management. These leadership principles are applied in assessment of senior executive performance.
  • The process for evaluating and following up on senior executives and key personnel has been harmonised across business areas, companies and countries. Minimum requirements for implementation and system support have been introduced. The system covers around 3,000 senior executives and key personnel, and was implemented for a selected group of businesses in 2015. Implementation will continue in 2016.
  • A governance structure has been established for Orkla’s competence-building programmes (Orkla Group Academies), including a central Human Resource Development Board which reports to Orkla’s Group Executive Board.
  • Orkla is in the process of appointing an expert board for each of the Orkla Academies to ensure relevant specialised training and good skills development.
  • A new recruitment policy has been drawn up.
  • A process has been initiated to identify and follow up high-potential employees.

Orkla aims to ensure that all its employees receive regular feedback on their work and that individual performance targets are related to general business goals. In 2015, formal employee performance assessment interviews were conducted with 71% of all employees (estimate based on reporting from companies representing 75% of Orkla employees) : 99% of management staff, 95% of administrative employees, 91% of sales employees and 42% of blue-collar workers. In factories where no procedures have been established for formal performance assessment interviews, the department heads follow up their employees through an ongoing dialogue. Regular meetings are also held at departmental and group level.

Orkla’s efforts to upgrade expertise consist of measures at Group and company level, and cover topics related to corporate culture, leadership and specialised expertise. Orkla is well known for the quality of its training courses and development programmes for the employees in the Group. The scope of the key training programmes was expanded in 2015. Among other things, a new development programme for executive management was introduced, and leadership development programmes were conducted for middle managers. Gatherings were also organised for young staff members with leadership potential, and internal trainee opportunities were provided for young employees. Developing employee expertise with a view to future leadership positions will continue to be a priority task in 2016.