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Organisational development

The efforts to develop Orkla’s human resources and corporate culture are driven by the management of the individual companies in accordance with national regulatory frameworks and Orkla’s guidelines, and with the support of central and local HR staff. The progress made in this work is followed up through business area reviews at company and business area level and through regular reporting to Orkla’s Board of Directors.

To fulfil the Group’s responsibility as employer and succeed as an organisation, Orkla strives to promote a good, inclusive working environment characterised by respect, diversity, equality and collaboration. Orkla’s human rights policy describes the Group’s general requirements relating to working conditions and respect for fundamental labour rights. The companies are responsible for implementing these requirements with the support of Orkla’s central staff.

To create a common understanding of Orkla’s strategy and value base, a new vision and values have been elaborated under the name “The Orkla Compass”. In 2015, internal meetings were held to discuss what the vision and values mean in practice. This work will continue in 2016.

Creating a good working environment is a management responsibility and a key topic in connection with the training and follow-up of management staff. Every year, the companies carry out a wide variety of professional and social activities aimed at promoting collaboration and job satisfaction.

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The Orkla Compass