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Responsible purchasing

Suppliers are important business partners for Orkla companies, and the Group makes active efforts to promote improvements in its supply chains through its companies. Orkla therefore emphasises the importance of setting clear requirements for its suppliers with regard to human rights, working conditions, environmental management and anti-corruption efforts.

In accordance with Orkla’s decentralised organisational structure, purchases are made by the individual Group companies, although purchasing is coordinated within business areas wherever appropriate. The companies make a significant proportion of their purchases from suppliers in the country or region in which they are located.

  • Supplier follow-up

    Supplier follow-up

    Encouraging continuous improvement is an important basic principle in supplier follow-up. Orkla’s responsible purchasing principles require at-risk suppliers to be monitored through requirements, d...
  • Workers’ rights

    Workers’ rights

    Respect for workers’ rights is a cornerstone of our corporate culture, and essential to sustainable operations.Orkla holds the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and...
  • Sustainable purchasing

    Sustainable purchasing

    Orkla’s purchases of raw materials shall be based on the principle of sustainable production.Sustainable development means meeting the needs of today’s population without compromising the ability o...
  • Partners and international solutions

    Partners and international solutions

    Industry cooperation and the harmonisation of standards and monitoring tools across sectors and geographical locations are important means of reducing the workload imposed on suppliers in connection with follow-up, and of...


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