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Partners and international solutions

Partners and international solutions

Industry cooperation and the harmonisation of standards and monitoring tools across sectors and geographical locations are important means of reducing the workload imposed on suppliers in connection with follow-up, and of ensuring that efforts have a broad effect.

The organisation Sedex offers a web-based system for collecting and sharing information about working conditions in supply chains. Orkla's membership of Sedex gives its companies access to a standardised risk assessment that enjoys broad international acceptance. The companies also use Sedex’s ethical trade audit (SMETA), which ensures consistent supplier follow-up across different sectors and geographical regions. In this way, the Orkla companies are able to conduct locally adapted, efficient audits of their most at-risk suppliers in a manner that also benefits the suppliers, as the audit results are standardised and can be shared with other customers.

Orkla participates in AIM-PROGRESS, an industry cooperation project aimed at promoting coordinated, effective improvements in global supply chains. AIM-PROGRESS comprises 37 global consumer goods companies, and is an initiative supported and sponsored by the European Brands Association and its US sister organisation, the Grocery Manufacturers Association. Among other things, AIM-PROGRESS provides training to suppliers and manufacturers on issues linked to responsible production conditions.

Orkla’s sustainability reports describe the status of the Orkla companies’ supplier follow-up.


The Ethical Trading Initiative (IEH)
The Ethical Trading Initiative (IEH) is a member-based centre of resources and expertise on ethical trade made up of companies, public sector enterprises and organisations. The objective is to achieve cooperation on trade that promotes human rights, labour rights, development and the environment. IEH membership binds members to engage in concrete, targeted work for improvement over time. Orkla is a member of IEH, and is represented on the board of the organisation.

Orkla is a member of AIM-PROGRESS, an international industry network that cooperates on courses and other measures to bring about improvements in the supplier chain.

Sedex is an organisation that offers systems for standardised risk identification and simple information-sharing. Orkla uses Sedex to identify risky suppliers.