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Bærekraftig innkjøp

Sustainable raw materials

There are social and environmental challenges associated with certain raw material supply chains. To ensure that raw materials are produced with respect for people and the environment, several Orkla companies have become actively involved in efforts to improve conditions in the production of raw materials such as cocoa, palm oil, fish and shellfish.

Orkla contributes to ensuring responsible production of raw materials by adopting certification schemes, participating in industry initiatives and collaborating on projects with authorities and advocacy organisations. The Group’s aim is for agricultural products and marine raw materials that are part of complex global value chains to be sustainably produced by 2020.

  • Cocoa


    Child labour is one of several challenges in cocoa production. Orkla works to promote sustainable cocoa cultivation in partnership with UTZ Certified.Small cocoa farms in West Africa produce close...
  • Palmeolje

    Palm oil

    Deforestation accounts for 10-15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. By actively engaging in its own supply chains, Orkla can make an important difference.To help protect rainforests and combat cl...
  • Textile manufacturing

    Textile manufacturing

    The textile industry is a sector of complex challenges, but also has considerable potential for improvement. As Norway’s leading supplier of underwear, the Orkla company Pierre Robert Group wants t...
  • Fishing


    The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface and is home to far more species than those living on land. Managing marine resources in a sustainable way that ensures viable species diversity is a res...