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Kakaoproduksjon i Vest-Afrika


Child labour is one of several challenges in cocoa production. Orkla works to promote sustainable cocoa cultivation in partnership with UTZ Certified.

Small cocoa farms in West Africa produce close to 70% of the world’s cocoa. This cultivation poses several challenges, including the risk of child labour, potential health and safety hazards for workers and the risk of deforestation.

Cocoa is an important raw material in Orkla’s chocolate production. Orkla manufactures chocolate in the Nordic and Baltic regions and aims to ensure that all the cocoa purchased by the Group is sustainably produced by 2020.

Orkla wishes to reduce the risk of child labour and other unacceptable practices, and to help improve the earning potential and living conditions of cocoa farmers. The Group companies are committed to promoting sustainable cocoa cultivation, for instance by purchasing certified cocoa through UTZ Certified, which is the world’s largest independent, certified cocoa programme. Through this certification scheme, the aim is to ensure that cocoa farmers learn profitable work methods, and children have the opportunity to attend school.


UTZ Certified is the world’s largest certifi ed cocoa programme. Cocoa farmers take part in a four-year training programme in which they learn how to obtain larger harvests and higher quality cocoa. The expertise they gain through UTZ Certified yields dividends in the form of higher income and accordingly better living conditions for the farmers and their families. 

Results in 2016

In 2016, 59% of Orkla’s sourced cocoa was UTZcertified, compared to 42% in 2015. Around 400 Orkla products feature the UTZ Certified label. Brands that use 100% UTZ-certified cocoa include Nidar’s chocolate brands (Stratos, Troika, Smash! and several others), Nugatti and Sjokade spreads, chocolate from the Finnish company Panda and all chocolate from Estonian Kalev.


The entire TORO portfolio of baking mixes and chocolate drinks will switch to UTZ-certified cocoa in 2017. Sonneveld, an Orkla Food Ingredients company, aims to buy only UTZ-certified cocoa products in 2017.

Orkla aims to ensure that all the cocoa purchased by the Group is sustainably produced by 2020.