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Fish oil production in Peru

Orkla Health sets stringent requirements for traceability for fish oil purchased from Peru in order to ensure that it comes from a sustainable stock and that workers have decent living conditions.

The fish stocks off the coast of Peru are very strictly monitored by the national authorities, who wish to ensure that their fisheries sector is sustainable and holds a leading position on the global market. Orkla Health has visited Peru and met with local authorities, supervisory bodies and suppliers to obtain  first-hand knowledge of conditions in the fish oil industry. The company has also conducted quality audits of suppliers and visited several production facilities in Peru.

Economic pillar

In Peru, the fisheries sector is considered to be one of the pillars of the national economy. The fishing industry is ranked third out of 18 sectors in wage statistics, and workers have the right to form trade unions. Orkla Health considers it essential that the local population and persons working in the fish oil industry have good living conditions. For several years, the company has monitored its suppliers’ compliance with its code of conduct, which covers health, safety, wages and working conditions. Orkla Health will continue to impose stringent requirements on its suppliers, carry out independent audits and pay visits to Peru to quality assure the entire value chain for the company’s omega 3 products.