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Orkla's commitment to preventing deforestation receives global recognition

Orkla's commitment to preventing deforestation receives global recognition

In its Forest 500 assessment, the UK think tank Global Canopy Programme emphasises Orkla’s policy for zero deforestation.

The Forest 500 assessment, published today by the Global Canopy Programme (GCP), identifies 500 companies, financial institutions and countries with power to stop global deforestation and ranks their efforts. Orkla is among the companies that scores highest in the assessment.

“We have a collective responsibility to act. The Forest 500 reveals that in order to preserve rainforests and fight climate change, it’s important that more companies establish no-deforestation policies with clear time-bound targets.” says Ellen Behrens, VP Corporate Responsibility at Orkla ASA.

Read more in the press release issued by the Global Canopy Programme >. Tom Bregman, Project Manager of the Forest 500, Global Canopy Programme comments:

«The rate at which companies are putting in place policies on deforestation is currently too slow to meet ambitous 2020 commitments. However, policies, such as that published by Orkla, send a strong signal to those companies not doing enough to remove deforestation from their supply chains. It is essential that more companies follow in the footsteps of companies, such as Orkla, and put in place policies that cover their production and procurement of all commodities linked to deforestation».


  • Orkla’s goal is to ensure that all important agricultural products and packaging used by the Group are sustainably produced – without causing deforestation – by 2020
  • Orkla has signed the New York Declaration on Forests and reports to the CDP
  • Read more in Orkla’s zero deforestation policy (PDF)

The Global Canopy Programme

  • The Forest 500 assessment is carried out by the UK tropical think tank, the Global Canopy Programme (GCP).
  • The Forest 500 has identified, assessed and ranked 250 companies, 150 investors and lenders, 50 countries and regions and 50 other influential stakeholders that can address the issue of deforestation.
  • Read more about the Forest 500 at 
  • Read more about the GCP at