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Results and reporting

Orkla seeks to promote confidence in the Group’s operations through openness and good communication, and publishes an annual Sustainability Report based on the GRI G3 international reporting standard. The report is published at the same time as Orkla’s Annual Report. Orkla’s Sustainability Report for 2012 was published on 27 March 2013.

Orkla’s Sustainability Report presents information on the way the Group deals with risk and opportunities arising from the sustainability challenges that particularly impact on its operations. It also provides an extensive account of Orkla’s work in the fields of environment, health and safety (EHS), human and workers’ rights, responsible sourcing, anti-corruption and other relevant corporate responsibility issues.

The thematic approach and the treatment and selection of information are based on the GRI principles for good reporting practice. In its corporate responsibility work, Orkla attaches importance to identifying the material and relevant challenges that the Group faces, and concentrates its efforts on areas in which the Group has great influence. As from 2012, as a result of the Group’s transformation from a complex industrial group to a focused branded consumer goods company, the report will focus on Orkla’s branded consumer goods operations. This has entailed some changes in the choice and presentation of topics, and the structure of the report has changed in relation to previous years. In the presentation of progress and indicators, emphasis has been placed on facilitating comparison with 2011.

The information in Orkla’s Sustainability Report is based on input from many different entities and data sources. Great importance has been attached to ensuring that the information is correct. However, the report does not aim to cover all the detailed matters that may be important for individual local businesses, activities or products.

To enable us to further develop and improve our sustainability performance and reporting procedures, we welcome comments and suggestions. Such comments may be sent to

  • GRI-index

    The thematic approach and the treatment and selection of information in Orkla’s Sustainability Report are based on the GRI’s principles for good reporting practice.
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    Global Compact

    Orkla joined the UN Global Compact in 2005, and participates with more than 8,000 other companies and organizations in promoting the Global Compact's ten core principles of human and labour rights, environment and anti-cor...
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    Carbon Disclosure Project

    The Carbon Disclosure Project is an independent not-for-profit organization holding the largest database of primary corporate climate change information in the world. 


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