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Nidar has committed to switching to certified cocoa through the UTZ Certified programme. The UTZ programme enables cocoa farmers to make a living from cocoa, and ensures that the cocoa is cultivatted under decent conditions. All the cocoa in Nidar chocolatte is now UTZ cerrtified. Panda and Kalev also buy cocoa through this programme.

Social involvement

Orkla’s many companies depend on a positive interaction with the community of which they form a part, while they themselves generate positive ripple effects to the community.

The companies’ most important contribution to the community is greater prosperity in the form of employment and direct and indirect taxes, while their involvement in areas such as education, research and culture is also beneficial to both the companies themselves and the community.

  • The Orkla Friends Fund

    The Orkla Friends Fund was lauched the summer of 2015 along with Orkla's vision “Your friend in everyday life”. Orkla's companies will designate a charitable cause to receive NOK 100,000 from Orkla...

Orkla preserves its cultural heritage

Orkla administers such cultural treasures as Borregaard Manor and the Løkken Works. 
Orkla tar vare på kulturarven