Our well-reputed academies are an asset we are particularly proud of. The academies offer module-based programmes covering core competencies from every part of our value chain. The purpose of the academies is to strengthen the development of the Group and our employees in both the short and a long-term perspective. Training is provided by external and in-house teaching staff who give high-quality, inspiring lectures and through group work, exchanges of experience, projects and e-learning. You are given a unique opportunity to build networks with colleagues throughout the Group, both within and outside the Nordic region.

Our academies:

The Orkla Brand Academy
How we build strong brands, innovations, brand design and communication

The Orkla Sales Academy
sales strategies, business knowledge, practical negotiation techniques, world-class KAMs

The Orkla Procurement Academy
Strategic purchasing and sourcing


The Orkla Production Academy
Management by objectives, improvement tools and value stream mapping

The Orkla B2B Academy
Value analysis, customer understanding, sales presentations and negotiation techniques

The Orkla Product Development and Innovation Academy
The innovation process, product optimisation and growth