Our culture, vision and values

Our vision “Your friend in everyday life” underlines the importance of strong business relations built on trust.

We want a culture where business areas and companies cooperate and work well together. We want to build strong teams, built on mutual respect. We want to be a company who cares.

Our brands touch the lives of millions of people every day, making their everyday life easier, healthier and more enjoyable. Our brands play different roles for different people in different situations, but they all have this in common: People choose Orkla’s brands over and over again, because they like our brands, because they trust in our brands, and because they trust in us.


Equally, we want our people to trust us to be an employer where they experience the possibility to grow – we want all our employees to be proud of being part of Orkla.

Our values

Our core values are Brave – Trustworthy – Inspiring. These values guide our attitudes, conduct and decisions and reflect the standards expected by “Orkla people”.

We challenge ourselves to be brave – to think innovatively, to act boldly, to be world-class. Brave people aim high and love to win. They speak up if something is wrong. They take on demanding discussions and make tough decisions.

Trustworthy people are professional, skilful and reliable. People can trust us. We keep our promises. We take on our responsibilities towards consumers, customers, owners and society. We deliver. We are in it for the long haul, and we tackle obstacles as they arise. We think and work long term, combining endurance and energy.

Inspired people are passionate and burn with a desire to succeed. They innovate continuously. We inspire consumers, customers, partners and each other.

Our leadership principles – based on our values

The essence of leadership in Orkla is to create value by working with and through others. Our leadership principles are structured around our core values. All Orkla leaders are evaluated on achieved business results as well as leadership behaviour.

Orkla - Your friend in everyday life

Orkla’s vision is “Your friend in everyday life”, a vision that is underpinned by the values “brave”, “trustworthy” and “inspiring”.

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