Experienced Professionals

At Orkla, we believe the only way to do our best work is by supporting everyone else to do theirs. Working together. Inspiring each other. Finding connections with like-minded peers. Whichever country we’re working in – whichever production line, office or field location we call home – we’re a group of individuals at all levels coming together, supporting each other and sharing ideas. Valued and rewarded for being our true selves, we forge mutual respect, make friends and have fun as we work collaboratively and ethically across countries and functions.

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If you are an experienced professional who has been working for one, two or 10 plus years, your skills and experience are valuable to Orkla. We are going through many changes and shifting strategic focus from a multi-local to a multinational company. Key projects that we are working on include moving to one global ERP system, introducing various digitilization initiatives and automation within our supply chain.

We combine the opportunity to work across the entire value chain within a variety of business areas that include Food Ingredients, Confectionary & Snacks, Foods, Care and our corporate functions. Combine this with our broad geographic scope and you not only get access to lots of different career opportunities but also the ability to work cross-border. This is what we call working globally, locally!

Meet our Experienced Professionals below

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Markus Tuomivaara

In addition to the great (and frankly delicious) brands, I think people are one of Orkla’ s greatest assets. Each day you get an additional boost of energy by being able to work with great colleagues all around you.

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Jørend Bolstad

The best part of working at Orkla is that I get to work with a wide range of iconic brands that people have grown up with. I also get exposed to working with many exciting innovation projects and work with lots of highly skilled and inspiring colleague

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Henrik Lund

The willingness from Orkla to invest in the future, meaning Naturli’ is a growth rocket, but we need to invest in technology and science to stay in the first mover position and I am certain that Orkla see’s this potential and know that Naturli’ Foods is the place to invest for further expansion and make the Naturli’ a world known super brand.

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