Felix klassisk krögarpytt

When Felix Klassisk Krögarpytt switched to using 100% Swedish meat, it regained its position as market leader and was yet again generating category growth.

At the time, the overall market for meat-and-potato hash totalled SEK 282 million, and had declined in value by 5.2%.

“Furthermore, Felix had lost its market leader position to Findus, which was very much on the offensive with campaigns and discounts,” says Cornelia Grimshorn, Brand Manager for Krögarpytt.

In 2014 Felix changed its strategy, increasing its focus on transparency and use of Swedish meat.

“In 2015 we relaunched Klassisk Krögarpytt and Krögarpytt Kyckling (chicken hash), and launched a brand-new product, Krögarpytt BBQ. Later that year, when we switched to using 100% Swedish meat, more consumers wanted to try our Klassisk Krögarpytt,” Cornelia says.

The overall result is that Felix has again increased its market shares and regained its no. 1 position. Felix is again driving the category with Klassisk Krögarpytt and a 11% increase in net sales value and a 7% rise in volume.