In three years Klorin evolved from a traditional bleach to the foremost toilet cleanser that “kills all bacteria”.


From 2013 to 2015, the brand tripled its value and expanded the category by 67%.

Klorin entered the market in 1956, and since then “always” been a permanent fixture in every toilet. Its users were approaching retirement age and the brand was screaming for a makeover.

The toilet cleanser market was on the decline and Klorin had not been actively marketed, for over 10 years.

“At the same time, we knew from before that Klorin was strongly associated with “anti-bacterial”, also among younger target groups,” says Stine Ombustvedt, Marketing Manager at Orkla Home and Personal Care.

“We also found out that consumers were uncertain as to whether the methods they were using really kept their bathroom clean. This was an important insight when we decided to revive a stagnant brand in a stagnant category,” says Stine.

This marked the start of a journey that began with a new brand platform and continued with the launch of four new products in two waves: Klorin Rengjøringsspray (cleaning spray), WC gel, WC blocks and WC wipes.

A very central objective of marketing communication was to convey to consumers that the Klorin range “kills all bacteria and gives you total control and safety”. TV was used as the primary medium, supplemented by “how-to” films. It was important to reach a broad range of consumers, particularly the younger target group. The concept was also consistently adhered to in stores with a multitude of creative displays.