In a competitive Swedish chips market, Naturchips struggled with poor product quality which made it neither a premium, nor a standard product.


Better quality, design and communication brought Naturchips back to the top series.

In 1994 OLW launched Naturchips as a premium product. Fierce competition from rivals such as Svenska Lantchips and Estrella, as well as PL and several niche brands, made it increasingly difficult for Naturchips to defend its position.

“Up until last year, sales of Naturchips gradually declined, year after year, and competition got tougher,” says Susanne Wibreus, Marketing Manager at OLW.

“2015 was a particularly challenging year, in which Naturchips saw a 10% drop in sales value primarily due to poor product quality and unclear brand positioning. Consequently, Naturchips didn’t quite meet consumer demands,” Susanne says.

In 2015, OLW undertook a major turnaround for Naturchips. The company revised its strategy and switched from semi-kettle to genuine kettle chips. Changes were made in positioning and communication, and new products were launched.

“As a result, we had a tremendous success in the first year with the relaunch and saw a 37% rise in sales. We are therefore now continuing to invest in Naturchips with both innovation and communication,” Susanne says.