In 2014, the market for fresh pasta in Denmark was virtually in free fall, declining 5% in value every year. Pastella was losing even more. The solution lay in mixing vegetables into the pasta.


It was a difficult period for Pastella.

“The factory constantly had to cut costs, efficiency was low and the employees were demotivated and felt that there were no more tools in the tool box,” says Trine Søndergaard, Strategic Marketing Manager at Orkla Foods Danmark.

“It was very obvious that something had to be done, and we had to come up with new ideas. We therefore established a small new team with experience and insight from products and categories other than fresh pasta.

“The team had one task, it was a big job and very specific: to create an innovation in the fresh pasta category that could generate both higher purchasing frequency and greater loyalty.

From other categories Orkla Foods Danmark had learned that consumers wanted more vegetables, and they therefore asked themselves: is it possible to mix vegetables into pasta?” That question marked the start of a large-scale, brilliant product development process that culminated in Pastella Grøntsagsbånd vegetable pasta.

“At our very first presentations to retailers, we realised that we had created something unique, and the product was listed by all the chains. Now all we had to do was to convince the consumers, and we therefore launched a massive marketing campaign,” Trine says.

“After one year in the market, Pastella Grøntsagsbånd cstrongly contributed to that the entire category had grown by 12%.

Pastella Grøntsagsbånd won the Nielsen Launch of the Year 2015 award and forged a highly motivated Pastella team at both the office and the factory. The products have also been launched in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Holland with great success.