The Pizzabakeriet brand was launched in the autumn of 2015 and is the result of thorough research and a tough acknowledgement by Orkla.


In the frozen pizza market, sales of portion pizzas (small pizzas for one person) have grown the most. Orkla’s first portion pizza, Originale, did not manage to survive in the market and was removed from grocery chain stores’ product assortment in 2014.

“Originale was neither unique enough nor of high enough quality compared to its competitors. After Originale lost its shelf space, we had to have a convincing product to get our pizzas back on the shelves,” explains pizza Product Category Manager Julie Brannfjell.


Orkla conducted extensive surveys to gain an understanding of what consumers who didn’t eat frozen pizza were looking for. The answer lay in a really good crust and the fact that a frozen pizza should taste like a fresh one.

Orkla’s pizza chef and product developer, Marius Niva, is passionate about pizza. On his trips in Norway and abroad, he visits the best pizza restaurants in Europe, New York and San Francisco to learn the different techniques and stay up to date on pizza trends.

“The secret to making the best frozen pizza in the market lies in the pizza crust. There are a lot of details that have to be just right to achieve a perfect crust with a delicious taste: the type of flour, type of yeast, amount of water, kneading time, rising time and, not least, a really hot oven,” Marius relates.

One year after the launch, both sales volumes and Orkla’s consumer tests show that Pizzabakeriet is a success. In the first half of 2016, Pizzabakeriet generated over 40% of the growth in the pizza market, and the brand was hailed as Launch of the Year by NorgesGruppen, Norway’s largest grocery retailer.

«Our goal for Pizzabakeriet was to enhance consumers’ perception of the quality of frozen pizzas. We see that we have achieved this objective: we have recruited new frozen pizza consumers, people are buying the product again and again, and stores are making money,” says Julie Brannfjell.