In the spring of 2016 Orkla launched Totenflak potato chips. Half a year later, the product has a market share of 25 per cent, 7 percentage points higher than targeted. What happened?


According to Anna Storaker, Marketing Director at Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Norge, there are three main reasons for the product’s success: a new brand, the best product quality and a brave choice of advertising.

“Of the three, it’s product quality that is the most important factor. High product quality ensures that we keep our promises to consumers. It’s quality that determines whether they will buy our product over and over again,” Anna Storaker says.


Totenflak potato chips are a type of kettle chips, which are the harder, more rustic type for which Sørlandschips are so well known. Every year, Norwegians spend around NOK 500 million on kettle chips.

Orkla’s consumer surveys show that many people want locally produced, genuinely natural products, also when it comes to potato chips. Totenflak is based on this consumer insight and is produced at the KiMs factory in Toten.

“We could have chosen to launch the new chips as a KiMs product, but felt that the KiMs brand brings to mind other associations. We therefore decided to create an entirely new brand. Through the Totenflak brand we emphasise our local affiliation with Toten, where our potatoes are cultivated and the chips are produced,” says Product Manager Magnus Alexander Fjeldstad.

Totenflak received extensive media coverage when the advertising film, which was called Norway’s most boring ad film, was screened in one entire prime-time advertising spot on both TV2 and TVNorge. The film shows a Totenflak chip being cooked for six minutes, with the message “Made with patience”.

Totenflak has a record-high repeat purchase rate, which means that consumers are buying the product again and again, not just trying it once. Totenflak Salta has the highest repeat purchase rate for any snack innovation in the last five years.

“We win against Sørlandschips hands down in our blind tests. Sales volumes, too, indicate that our concept is a hit and that we have created an extremely competitive product,” says Magnus Alexander.