The business of brands

Brands are at the core of our operations and value creation.

Orkla is the leading branded consumer goods company in the Nordic and Baltic regions, and 8 million Orkla products are sold every day. Our brands play different roles for people in different situations, and they are chosen over and over again – because the consumer trusts them. A brand is a promise given and a promise kept.

Every day, consumers face a variety of purchase decisions, and the alternatives are ever increasing. Brands make it easier for consumers to choose. Strong brands more easily attract new buyers, and make it easier to get the consumer to repeat the purchase or try another product of the same brand. Strong brands create a greater willingness to pay and generate higher loyalty.

The foundation for a strong brand lies in an effective, updated positioning, which serves as a guiding star for all brand activities. Good positioning defines the brand’s role in the category, is based on local consumer insight and meets relevant consumer needs. Orkla’s ambition is to create brands people love.


  • A brand is a concept that describes a set of associations, qualities and attributes that are linked to a product or a service.
  • Robust brands are appreciated by everyone, but necessitate long-term, carefully considered management and development, based on good consumer insight.