Orkla Care

Orkla Care accounts for 20% of Orkla’s operating revenues and is organised into six business units.

The two largest business units are Orkla Home & Personal Care, which holds leading positions in the personal care and cleaning products segments, and Orkla Health, which holds leading positions in the dietary supplement, sports nutrition and weight control segments. Orkla Care also holds a leading position in wound care (Orkla Wound Care).

  • Orkla Care’s well-known brands include Möller’s, Salvequick, Collett, Nutrilett, Riemann, Maxim, Define, Sunsilk, Blenda, Jif, Sun and Zalo.
  • Companies in the business area: Orkla Home & Personal Care, Orkla Health and Orkla Wound Care.
  • The largest categories in Orkla Care: hygiene, health, cleaning products, vitamins and dietary supplements.

Key figures

  • Operating revenues: 8.1 NOK billion
  • Organic growth: -1.8%
  • EBIT (adj.): 1.1 NOK billion
  • EBIT (adj.) growth: +1%
  • EBIT (adj) margin: 13.4%
  • EBIT (adj.) margin growth: -100 bps
  • Number of employees: 3 265

Source: Orkla ASA Annual Report 2018

Sales revenues by geographical area

EBIT (adj.) margin

Organic growth

Orkla Home & Personal Care

Orka Home & Personal Care

Orkla Care

Orkla Health

Orkla Wound Care