Quality in all aspects

Quality in all aspects is an important driver: Quality in our co-operation with customers, providing unique taste experiences in every bag of crisps, snacks and nuts. Quality in the delivery of products, and quality control in production and environmental awareness.


  • We have worked with the HACCP system since 1990. Our factories hold BRC Certificates,  renewed in November 2017; Grade AA in our crisps and snacks factory and Grade A in our nut factory. And our crisps and snacks factory holds the IFS Certificate – Higher Level.
  • The nut factory is separated from the crisps and snacks factory, and we actively work with allergen control at both premises.
  • All crisps, snacks and nut products are fried in sunflower oil.
  • We work with ethical welfare and are Sedex certified.
  • The average delivery rate for exports was 99.4 % in 2017.
  • The rate of customer complaints per 100.000 bags was 1,18 in 2017.
  • We are constantly focusing on reducing the environmental impacts. From 2006-2016, we have reduced the use of electricity by 21 %, water by 12 %, gas (process) by 18%, gas (central heating) by 40 % per ton produced and the CO2 emission per ton produced has been reduced by 40%. In 2016 we started delivering excess heat from the crisps production to local households, the heat covers the consumption of 350 homes.