Orkla Ventures

With a view to promote innovation and creativity, Orkla has established Orkla Ventures, opening up the possibility of investing directly in start-up companies.

Orkla’s ambition is to build up a project portfolio consisting of exciting, relevant growth companies with significant potential. The investments will essentially be concentrated in the Nordic and Baltic regions, in line with Orkla’s other core business activities.

Orkla Ventures is established as a separate entity under Orkla Investments and will have the same relationship with partners as an ordinary venture fund.

What is Orkla Ventures looking for?

Orkla Ventures is a vehicle for Orkla to tap into external innovation environments to strengthen and challenge our core branded consumer goods business. We focus on areas that already has or potentially will have a future strategic relevance for Orkla.

Within this universe we are looking for new technology / business models with potential to impact our business. We are especially interested in innovations in the following areas:

  • Consumer Intelligence
  • Consumer Health
  • Consumer Services

We are also looking for innovative ideas beyond the mentioned areas. Our hypothesis is that there are a number of groundbreaking solutions we currently do not know will affect us or that we know that we need. The goal is that Orkla can get in touch with these through the venture-initiative.

How can Orkla contribute to startups?

As the leading branded consumer goods company in the Nordics Orkla possess a number of capabilities that can be valuable in the development of startups. Orkla has deep expertise across the value chain, from product development to commercialization, marketing and sales. In addition, Orkla has unique insights and access to the consumer.

Orkla Ventures wishes to be an active owner that contributes to growth and value creation.

How to get in touch with Orkla ventures?

In order to make an initial assessment, we want a clear and concise description that convey the essence of the company/idea and why it is relevant for Orkla to become an active investor. The information shared cannot be confidential, as Orkla has a broad innovation agenda and a number of activities in Orkla’s many companies. The Orkla Ventures team evaluates all inquiries, but will in many cases contact relevant resources in the Orkla group for an initial assessment.
We try to answer all inquiries as soon as possible.


Elisabeth Marie Myhre

Senior Manager, Orkla Ventures