Brand manager

Our Brand Managers are ambitious, skilful and vital to creating good results in our companies.

We offer an innovative and demanding marketing environment, where competence and career development are of great importance. This is realised through on-the-job training and extensive further education at Orkla Brand Academy. Our goal is to develop good coworkers who can fill future management roles in the company and the corporation as a whole.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Profit responsibility for one or several of our well known brands
  • Responsible for continuous improvement – you are to secure cost efficient growth through improved earnings, growth in sales and a stronger position in the market for your brand
  • Responsible for understanding your brand’s profitability and for initiating the necessary actions through the entire value chain

Main tasks:

  • Develop new and improved products by managing and/or taking part in innovation projects
  • Market communication; developing advertising, publicity campaigns, promotions, events and PR for the brands
  • Develop new packaging and design
  • Gain consumer understanding
  • Se opportunities and collaborate with the entire value chain in our companies, among them; product development, production, logistics and sales.

You have the following qualifications:

  • Minimum 4 years of education from college/university with good results
  • You have excellent analytical and economical skills together with a strong interest in marketing
  • You have initiative, are curious, and can see new and creative solutions
  • You have great work capabilities combined with the desire to create change and results
  • We emphasise good collaboration skills and creating impact on your surroundings
  • You must be ambitious, thrive on a challenge and a desire progress for your company

We have needs on several levels and therefore recommend both newly graduated and those with relevant experience to apply for a position.

Lene Sandem
Lene Sandem

In September 2012, I applied for the position as a Brand Manager in Orkla. That was actually the only job I applied to, since I knew that this was my dream job. One month later, I had my first interview – on Skype since I was on exchange in Texas. Two more interviews, and two tests later, I god the job as a Brand Manager. I still remember the call from Orkla telling me that they offered me the job- I was thrilled! August 2013 I started my career in Orkla, as Brand Manager for Mr.Lee and Toro Rice. During my years in Orkla I have also had the responsibility for Idun Ketchup and Mustard and FUN Light. Orkla is a great place to work, with many possibilities. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work!

Lene Sandem, Junior Advisor, Orkla ASA