Internship-program: Orkla Summer Academy

Orkla Summer Academy started in 2017 as a digital marketing focused internship as this is a key area for Orkla. After the success of the program, we have expanded it into other areas.

Young talents at Orkla
Young talents at Orkla

We choose the name “Orkla Summer Academy” because it makes you think of summer camp mixed in with real learning in an intellectual corporate environment. We wanted the program to be fun for the interns, but also produce high quality work that we could actually use in our everyday work. Orkla as a company is also well known for its in-house learning academies such as Brand Manager Academy and Production Academy so it was also important to stay consistent with our offerings.

What kinds of internships do we offer?

We offer 8-10 week paid internships from June to August in the following departments:

  • Marketing Innovation
  • Digital Marketing and brand management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Production, Supply and Development (in-house consultancy)
  • Communications
  • Procurement

What is different about our program?

One rule we established for any leaders wanting to take on interns was that you could never just have one. Interns must be at least two per department and have a large part of their work focused on group projects where there is lots of open discussion and collaboration. We believe in constant feedback, encourage them to discuss and work with other interns, have real business projects and gain exposure to senior people in the organisation. We strive to give them a real window into life at Orkla and presents a tangible way for them to apply the theory that they have learnt into real practical workplace scenarios.

How do I apply?

We recruit our summer interns during the autumn period and expect interns to work the following summer from June to August full-time. We follow a similar application process to our standard recruitment and invite a group of candidates to an assessment day in November from which we make our final selections.

Sigrun Myhrvold
Sigrun Myhrvold

Feedback from two of our summer interns:

I have grown in so many ways, both professionally and personally, through things I have learned, connections I have gotten and the many opportunities I have been given through this position.

Sigrun Myrhvold, Orkla Summer Intern 2017



“My summer at Orkla was truly inspiring. We were six interns distributed over three main projects. My partner and I worked in the New Business Development-section of Orkla Home and Personal Care. We were given a specific customer problem and an innovation strategy with the goal of coming up with an innovative solution. Our first two weeks were spent problem seeking, trying to find the core issues that led consumers to certain behaviors. We then held a brainstorming session with the other inters, trying to find a solution to the core issues. Since both my partner and I are interested in disruptive technology, we spent a lot of time researching different possible technological solutions, and decided upon Natural Language Processing in the form of a Chabot. We worked independently from the start, meeting with our supervisor about every other week to make sure we were on the right track. Put in her words, we were like an internal Startup company. Our project was presented both at Startup Lab at Forskningsparken and before Orkla seniors. The experience of running our own innovation project has given me key insights into the area of Business Innovation, from ideation to cost-estimation. At the same time all the interns were working closely with Orkla Seniors, both looking into the current situation and strategy for the forthcoming years, and being introduced to all parts of the Orkla Company.”

Benjamin Aanes, NHH Master’s Student, Norway