Innovation and marketing

Do you want to help build brands and develop products that delight and excite people every single day? Our Marketing and Innovation teams are behind some of the strongest brands in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Did you know, for example, that there is a lively, dynamic team of hairdressers behind the Define hair care range? At the core of all innovation at Orkla lies the actual user experience, from taste and function to how intuitive and easy the product it to use.

Nutrition and health, and environment, are also important drivers of innovation. We have everything from cooks and hairdressers to chemists and engineers who work every day on creating products that eventually become a natural part of your everyday life. Orkla’s innovation work is based on combining this expertise with local consumer, customer and market insight.

Our marketing team develops strategies for all our well-known brands and identifies business opportunities based on in-depth insight into local consumer and customer needs. They know what you need, before you know it yourself! Therefore, it’s important that the product is supported by the right communication and launch strategy. Along with our category team, the marketing team works on developing the best in-store solutions to ensure that precisely this product stands out on store shelves. And although it’s fun to see the result of your own work in a prime-time TV ad or in the aisle of your local supermarket– there’s nothing that beats the satisfaction of knowing that people love what you have made and buy it time and time again. Do you agree? Come join our team!

Kamilla Rud
Kamilla Rud

Working as a brand manager in Orkla is truly a very exciting and varied job, where no day is ever the same. I am responsible for the performance of very established brands such as Lano and Dr Greve, and continually strive to make them better by developing new products and better communication towards consumers. My main task is to drive demand for my brands and the overall category, which also includes a lot of analysis work to understand consumers, the market and how we can best satisfy customers and drive growth. The level of autonomy and responsibility that I have been given right from the start is beyond what I could have imagined so early in my career, the result being that I’m continuously challenged and developing my skills.

Kamilla Ruud, Brand manager skin care and cleansing, Orkla Home & Personal Care