Orkla offers a wide range of opportunities

What do a sales director, a group brand manager and a supply chain director from three different parts of the Orkla Group have in common? They have all participated in Orkla’s internal mobility programme.

Jonny Mattsson, Cecilie Woldseth and Tonny Guldborg.
Jonny Mattsson, Cecilie Woldseth and Tonny Guldborg.

Hard work opens new doors

When Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Sverige’s current sales director, Jonny Mattsson, joined Orkla in 2005, it was as chocolate products manager at Nidar. Two years later, he was encouraged to apply for a position as retail sales manager in the same company.

“I had attended many customer meetings in connection with a major chocolate launch, and the sales director at the time, and Nidar’s CEO, felt that I could be a good key account manager,” he says.

He therefore switched departments and started his career in sales. A few years later, he heard that Göteborgs Kex needed a new sales manager. He applied, got the job and moved home to Sweden. In 2014, he was appointed acting sales director at Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Sverige, and after a few months was urged to apply for the permanent position. Following a series of interviews and tests conducted by an external recruitment agency, he was offered his present post.

“Working at Orkla has given me many opportunities. Internal mobility is important, but does not guarantee a new job. Expertise is everything, and hard work opens new doors,” he relates.

Internal career opportunities are definitely one of orkla’s plus points

Cecilie Woldseth, Group Brand Manager at Orkla Health, has also benefited from Orkla’s internal recruitment programme.

“I joined Orkla Foods Norge’s marketing department in August 2014. At a Young Professionals at Orkla gathering, I heard about the opportunities offered by internal mobility. I have studied and worked abroad before, and was keen on an international position. I am also interested in health, wellbeing and exercise, so Orkla Health was of particular interest. When an attractive position was announced, I applied, was invited to an interview, and got the job,” she says.

“Although I have changed jobs internally within Orkla, there are differences which present new challenges. At Orkla Foods Norge, I focused on the Norwegian market and worked closely with the sales function. At Orkla Health, I am working at a more strategic level, concentrating on markets across the Nordic region, the Baltics and Poland,” she relates.

“Internal career opportunities are definitely one of Orkla’s plus points. This was also something I considered when applying to Orkla initially. I wanted to join a group of companies, but still have development opportunities. Orkla offers many of those,” she concludes.

Covers several Orkla locations weekly

Tonny Guldborg’s Orkla career really took off with his appointment as factory manager at the Pastella factory in Jylland in 2010. The factory, which produces fresh pasta, had a new production facility which needed to be optimised.

“A year and a half later, I was contacted about the position of Supply Chain Director for Orkla Foods Danmark. The job was in the same organisation, but covered two, and later on four, factories. It also entailed joining Orkla Foods Danmark’s management group. After three years, I was asked whether I would be interested in a newly established position at Orkla ASA, as operational supply chain director.”

Today, Tonny commutes between different Orkla locations on a weekly basis.

“I spend half my time in Skøyen, and the remainder at our locations in Scandinavia and the Baltics. I also try to spend one day a week working from home in Denmark. I am very pleased that Orkla offers great flexibility and opportunities to make the day-to-day logistics work. Since Orkla covers a wide geographical area, flexible solutions for staff are key.”