Supply chain and production

Orkla is proud to own its whole value chain, spanning the process from initial generation of a product idea to the time the finished product reaches the consumer. We are committed to using raw materials that are sustainably produced, and we focus actively on value-chain improvement projects. Did you know, for instance, that all the cocoa we purchase to make Nidar chocolate is 100% UTZ-certified (which means sustainably farmed)?

Our purchasers work directly with suppliers, helping every day to ensure that we achieve our strategic goals. When the raw materials reach our factories, our employees there are the ones responsible for ensuring that millions of consumers receive the quality products that they expect and deserve. We have dedicated teams who run major, large-scale improvement projects at Orkla.

How many ketchup bottles, for example, is it possible to produce per hour? And what is the most optimal location for this production? Last, but not least, we have some of the industry’s best logistics personnel who work every day to optimise, improve and manage the flow of goods from our suppliers, through production processes and to our customers. When does the retail chain need the deliveries of potato crisps for the Football World Cup campaign, and what quantities of raw materials must be ordered to be able to supply enough goods? These are just some of the things that you as a logistics employee could be responsible for. Does any of this sound exciting? Come join our team!