Support functions

Orkla’s branded consumer goods cannot be developed, manufactured and sold without good support functions. Our highly-qualified finance, legal affairs, procurement, production, HR and communications staffs are closely involved in operations and assist Orkla companies, business areas and Group executive management in a wide range of projects. The support functions provide assistance, expertise and tools to enable all the other parts of the organisation to innovate, optimise, create growth and delight millions of consumers every day.

What, for instance, would the Sales department have done during contract negotiations without the advice of our legal staff? And what would Orkla have done without HR to recruit and further develop the right people? Would you like to be part of Orkla’s essential internal resources? Here you will find challenging career opportunities in areas such as strategy, control functions, communications, human resource development and operations. Come join our team!

Kate Aunaas Ingram
Kate Aunaas Ingram

In my position, I have the unique opportunity to find out what our candidates want out of the recruitment process and integrate this feedback into action. We are striving to establish more common processes at Orkla and ensure that everyone has the chance to get to know us better when they come in for an interview or assessment. It is important that candidates are able to really see what life is like at Orkla and what we expect from our employees. My own personal experience being recruited into Orkla was a positive one where I was able to meet various stakeholders and solve a challenging case. It prepared me for my position and gave me real insight into how we work at Orkla.

Kate Aunaas Ingram Group HR Partner, Orkla ASA