Annual General Meeting of Orkla ASA on Wednesday 8 May 1996

Date:Fri, 08.May 1996Orkla

The Annual General Meeting of Orkla ASA was held on Wednesday 8 May 1996 in Sarpsborg. It was chaired by Øystein Eskeland, the Chairman of the Corporate Assembly.

103 shareholders and proxies representing a total of 15,225,351 shares, of which 14,043,730 A shares with voting rights, attended the general meeting. This represents 31.2% of the company's shares.
The accounts were presented and approved by the General Meeting. The proposed dividend of NOK 6.00 per share was approved and will be sent to the shareholders on 29 May 1996.

In his report, President and Group Chief Executive Jens P. Heyerdahl d.y. said, among other things, that the development of the Group in the first few months of the year was largely in line with the development at the end of 1995.

A motion to amend the Articles of Association as a consequence of a new industrial democracy scheme for the company and Orkla's status as a general limited liability company was adopted unanimously.

The amendments to the Articles of Association involve reducing the number of members on the Corporate Assembly elected by shareholders from 24 to 14 and the number of members elected by employees from 12 to 7.

The following 14 members elected by shareholders were re-elected:
Øystein Eskeland
Svein Erik Amundsen
Ebbe C. Astrup
Westye Egeberg
Svein R. Hagen
Hans Herman Horn
Synnøve Liaaen Jensen
Leif Kjær
Borger A. Lenth
Tore Lindholt
Leiv L. Neergaard
Cathrine Mellbye Schultz
Halvor Svenkerud
Halgrim Thon

The following six deputy representatives elected by shareholders were elected:
Elisabeth Wille
Fabian Stang
Anders Ringnes
Egil Alnæs jr.
Mari Pran
Olaug Svarva

The employees elect their representatives to the Corporate Assembly during May 1996.

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