BBH increases its interest in Utenos Alus

Baltic Beverages Holding AB (BBH), which is owned equally by Orkla’s beverage company Pripps Ringnes and the Finnish company Hartwall, has increased its interest in the Lithuanian brewery Utenos Alus from 50% to 95%. BBH has committed itself to redeeming the remainder of the brewery’s shares. BBH has been granted permission to increase its holding by the competition authorities in Lithuania.

BBH also owns 86% of the Lithuanian brewery Kalnapilis. Marketing, sales and logistics for Utenos Alus and Kalnapilis will be co-ordinated in the newly established company Jungtinis Alaus Centras, which is wholly owned by BBH.

Utenos Alus and Kalnapilis are Lithuania’s two leading breweries, and have a market share of approximately 40%.

BBH has interests in 12 breweries in Eastern Europe, six of which are located in Russia, four in the Baltic States and two in Ukraine.