Carlsberg acquires Swiss brewery

Orkla and Carlsberg A/S are as previously stated in the process of establishing a jointly owned beverages company Carlsberg Breweries, to be owned 60% by Carlsberg A/S and 40% by Orkla. Consequently, the statement from Carlsberg A/S below is forwarded by Orkla to the Oslo Stock Exchange.

When Carlsberg Breweries is established, subject to approval from relevant authorities, Feldschlösschen will be a part of Carlsberg Breweries.

The slides that Carlsberg A/S will use in the presentation of this acquisition will be available on Orkla’s internet pages from approx. 10:30 am GMT.

To Copenhagen Stock Exchange

Carlsberg acquires largest Swiss brewery Feldschlösschen

Carlsberg A/S is acquiring the largest Swiss brewery, Feldschlösschen Getränke Holding AG, the beverage business of Feldschlösschen-Hürlimann Holding AG, thus taking over with effect from 1 July, 2000 Feldschlösschen for approx. CHF 870m including external debt – approx. DKK 4.3bn.

With 45 per cent of the beer market, Feldschlösschen is the largest brewing company in Switzerland and is renowned for its long-established traditions and dedication to high quality. The brewery employs approx. 2,600 people and sells and produces 2.4m hl of beer at its four breweries, as well as 3.3m hl soft drinks and mineral water at four bottling plants. The headquarters are situated in Rheinfelden near Basel.

Feldschlösschen is by far the leading brand in the country with 24 per cent of total beer sales. The second largest beer brand, Cardinal, with a market share of 11 per cent, is also a Feldschlösschen product. In addition, Feldschlösschen today exports more than 0.2m hl of the non-alcoholic beer, Moussy.

Feldschlösschen's board decided to sell because the brewery’s position will be strengthened by an association with a large international brewery business with a strong premium brand, such as Carlsberg.

Strategic acquisition
“ The acquisition of Feldschlösschen fits perfectly with Carlsberg Breweries’ strategy of being among the major players in each individual market. Furthermore, the Swiss market is both a rather exclusive market and centrally placed in Europe,” says Flemming Lindeløv, President and Group CEO of Carlsberg A/S.

Carlsberg is planning to introduce locally-brewed Carlsberg beer in the Swiss market, as Feldschlösschen does not have an international premium brand in its portfolio. International beer brands constitute a segment in growth in the Swiss market with a market share of 20 per cent. Today, Feldschlösschen has a licence production of Tuborg.

An information meeting for journalists and analysts will be held on Friday, 3 November, at Carlsberg A/S, Ny Carlsberg Vej 100, Copenhagen.

For further information please contact:
Flemming Lindeløv
President and Group CEO Carlsberg A/S
Tel: + 45 33 27 33 27

Portrait of Feldschlösschen Getränke Holding AG

Feldschlösschen Getränke Holding AG was founded in 1876. Today, the company is the result of a number of mergers during the last decades. The most recent merger was in 1996 with the Hürlimann group. At that time Feldschlösschen-Hürlimann Holding AG was established, which after the sale of Feldschlösschen will change its name to REG Real Estate Group. Its activities will then be focused on real estate.

Carlsberg's acquisition of Feldschlösschen includes

* 2,600 Employees
* Headquarters in Rheinfelden near Basel
* Annual turnover 1998/99 (12 months): CHF 1.02bn – DKK 5bn. Earnings CHF 60m – DKK 293m.
* Sales in 1999 – 5.8m hl (of which, 2.4 hl beer, 3.3m hl soft drinks and mineral water, together with 0.1 m hl wine)
* Production sites
– two breweries in Rheinfelden
– Brasserie Cardinal Fribourg SA
– Brasserie Valaisanne SA in Sion
– Mineralquelle Eglisau AG
– Passuger Heilquellen AG with bottling plants in Passugg and Rhäzüns
– Source Arkina SA, Yverdon-les-Bains
* 27 distribution centres all over Switzerland - Aigle, Basel, Bern, Biel, Burgdorf, Chur, Delémont, Dietikon, Ebikon, Givisiez, Interlaken, Kehrsatz, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Marin, Rheinfelden, Satigny, Sion, Solothurn, St. Moritz, Taverne, Thun-Gwatt, Wangen b.O., Visp, Wil, Yverdon.
* Five other companies
– CasaDrink AG, beverage supplies to private customers
– DiVino AG, wine business
– Gastroservice AG, implementation and service of draught beer equipment
– Hunziker AG, beverage wholesaler
– Sibra Beverages International Ltd, export of non-alcoholic beer, particularly to Saudi Arabia
* Beer production
– Nine brands and 36 beer types in all
– National brands – Feldschlösschen, Cardinal
– Regional brands – Gurten, Hürlimann, Löwenbräu Zürich, Valaisanne, Warteck
– Licence production of Tuborg
– Export production, non-alcoholic beer Moussy
* Soft drink production
– Sinalco
– Schweppes
– Lipton Ice Tea
– Pepsi until the end of 2000, replaced from 2001 by production of Coca-Cola
– Orangina
– Regional brands
* Mineralwater brands
– Allegra (still water from Passuger Heilquellen)
– Arkina
– Passuger
– Rhäzünzer
– Swiss Alpina, bottling agreement with Coop Schweiz

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