Corporate Assembly meeting

Orkla's Corporate Assembly held a meeting on 27 May 2009.
Stein Erik Hagen, Svein S. Jacobsen, Åse Aulie Michelet, Bjørg Ven, Lennart Jeansson, Peter Ruzicka and Kristin Skogen Lund were re-elected as members of the Board of Directors.
Stein Erik Hagen was re-elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Svein S. Jacobsen was re-elected as Deputy Chairman. 
All of the above were re-elected for a period of one year, until the first meeting of the Corporate Assembly after the annual general meeting in 2010.
The Board of directors of Orkla ASA is unchanged and consist of the following shareholder-elected members:
Stein Erik Hagen (Chairman of the Board)
Svein S. Jacobsen (Deputy Chairman )
Åse Aulie Michelet
Bjørg Ven
Lennart Jeansson
Peter Ruzicka
Kristin Skogen Lund
Orkla ASA,
Oslo, 28 May 2009
Contact person:
Knut Brundtland, Chairman of the Corporate Assembly in Orkla ASA 
Phone: +47 4006 2020