Corporate Assembly meeting

Orkla's Corporate Assembly held a meeting on 19 August 2012 where the recommendation from the Nomination Committee of 5 July 2012, concerning the election of shareholder-elected members of the Board of Directors and election of the deputy chairman of the Corporate Assembly, were considered.

Election of Board members:
Grace Reksten Skaugen and Jo Lunder were elected as new members of the Board of Directors. Both members were elected for a period until the first meeting of the Corporate Assembly after the Annual General Meeting in 2013. 

The Board of Directors of Orkla ASA now consists of the following shareholder-elected members:
Stein Erik Hagen (Chairman of the Board)
Bjørg Ven
Peter Ruzicka
Jesper Ovesen
Barbara M. Thoralfsson
Grace Reksten Skaugen 
Jo Lunder

Election of the Deputy Chair of the Corporate Assembly:
Terje Venold was elected as new Deputy Chair of the Corporate Assembly.

All candidates were elected in accordance with the Nomination Committee's recommendation. 

Orkla ASA,
Oslo, 20 August 2012

Contact persons:
Idar Kreutzer, Chairman of the Corporate Assembly in Orkla ASA
Tel: +47 93 40 38 08
Karl Otto Tveter, Executive Vice President, General Counsel at Orkla ASA
Tel: +47 92 44 68 22


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