Enthusiastic reception for Nidar's ladies

After living a bachelor life since 1965, Laban Jelly Men have at last found female companions: Laban Jelly Ladies. Nidar's sweet ladies are delighting everyone since their arrival on shop shelves, whether they be consumers, retailers or the media.

"Laban Jelly Ladies have enjoyed plenty of PR and we are pleased that the media are taking such an interest. The product appears to be arousing strong positive reactions among both consumers and the media. Consumers particularly mention the good flavour and attractive colours and shapes," says Nidar Product Manager Morten Haug.

Laban will be the common brand name for the Jelly Men and Jelly Ladies. With the help of shape, flavour, design and advertising, Nidar intends to build stronger consumer loyalty to the Laban brand.

"Consumers will be made aware of Laban's soul and personality, and Laban will receive the attention the brand deserves. With good marketing in the retail outlets, we shall together generate growth for Laban and for Nidar," maintains Mr Haug.

The Laban Jelly Ladies project has been implemented from a trans-sectoral platform with significant contributions from Nidar's various processes. More than twenty people have been directly involved in the project.

"At Nidar we work in a large team and together ensure that every individual contributes his or her best expertise," says Project Manager Ole Kristian Hansen from Nidar's Innovation Department.

The jelly ladies bring innovative new flavours and colours to Laban, with plum (light green), cranberry (dark red), mandarin (dark orange) and peach (light orange), and have their own yellow packaging. However, there are rumours that the bags of jelly ladies and jelly men are exchanging longing looks. Perhaps they'll soon be making sweet music together.