Heyerdahl buys shares in Oktav Invest

Mr. Jens P. Heyerdahl d.y., President and Group CEO of Orkla ASA (Orkla), has entered into an agreement with Bergesen ASA concerning the purchase of half of their interest (10%) in Oktav Invest AS (Oktav Invest). The remaining 80% is owned by Orkla. Oktav Invest holds a total of 5,025,696 shares in Orkla. Today, this is the company’s only asset.

The shares in Oktav Invest have been acquired at a price equivalent to the mathematical value of the company based on the market value of the Orkla shares.

Prior to the merger between Orkla Borregaard and Nora Industrier in 1991, Oktav Invest held a substantial block of shares in Nora Industrier. The block of shares was financed from equity capital and a loan from Orkla Borregaard. In connection with the merger in 1991, the block of shares was converted into A and B shares in Orkla. As lender, Orkla will receive 35% of the increase in value of the Orkla shares.