Kids dig Digimon

In connection with the Digimon children's series, Lilleborg did not apply its standard procedure for branded products. The company latched onto a trend and it took only two months to complete the project.

The Digimon series is intended to make washing and cleaning their teeth fun for children and thereby easier for parents.
Lilleborg's Digimon children's series consists of bath and shower soap, toilet soap, toothpaste and shampoo and is specially designed for children. Digimon is the successor to Pokémon, the fad that took children all over the world by storm a few years ago. Digimon products are rapidly invading Norway and the TV series that features these digital characters is currently being shown on TV3. Digimon is about seven children who enter a digital world where they each meet their own Digimon. The Digimons digivelop themselves to become stronger and more powerful and need energy from their human friends.

"It's unusual for Lilleborg to latch onto this type of trend!"
"Yes, the news is that the Digimon fad is driving the brand for us. Since advertising and marketing legislation limits advertising to children, we are appealing to children in a different way. Children have to wash and clean their teeth, and these products make it fun for them and their parents," say Anne Borgen Sturød and Merete Hernæs, Product Managers at Lilleborg.

"How have retailers reacted to the Digimon series?"
"The Digimon products have done well. Pokémon was not strongly represented in the grocery sector and the chains want to find out if Digimon products will sell. We have received reports that sales are going excellently. We intend to increase the total children's market, also in the toothpaste segment, where we already sell Solidox Kids."