Lennart Evrell takes over as new CEO of Sapa, Kåre Wetterberg is leaving the company

01.02.2006: Kåre Wetterberg is leaving Sapa after 32 years in the company. Wetterberg has held several senior management positions, such as head of Sapa in Germany, head of operations at the Vetlanda plant and, in the last two years, as CEO of the entire Group. Lennart Evrell will succeed him as CEO.

The Board of Directors expressed its strong appreciation of and gratitude for Wetterberg's efforts on behalf of the company. "Kåre Wetterberg has played a pivotal role in developing Sapa into one of the leading aluminium profile companies in the world," says Board Chairman Ole Enger.
Sapa's new CEO will be Lennart Evrell, formerly CEO of Munters, the world leader in products and services for humidity control.Evrell (51) has been a member of the Board of Directors of Sapa from 2001 up to the present. He has a degree in engineering and business economics, and has worked for Asea, Atlas Copco and Sphinx Gustavsberg.
Kåre Wetterberg leaves Sapa 1st of August 2006, when Lennart Evrell is taking over.
Sapa will face significant challenges in the months and years ahead, in an industry characterised by substantial overcapacity and hard-pressed margins. Sapa intends to meet these challenges by intensifying its improvement programmes with a view to increasing efficiency throughout the value chain and providing customised solutions. The company's decentralised decision-making and organisational model will remain unchanged.
In the Board's opinion, Lennart Evrell has the qualities required to continue Sapa's successful achievement of high growth combined with satisfactory profitability.
Facts about Sapa:
Sapa is one of the world's leading manufacturers of value-added profiles, profile-based building systems and heat-exchange strip in the lightweight material aluminium. The largest customer segments are the construction, transport, domestic and office, and engineering sectors.
Sapa has a turnover of around SEK 14 billion with 7,900 employees.