New head of Orkla Brands

12.11.2001: Torkild Nordberg takes over after John Jørgensen as Managing Director of Orkla Brands from January 1, and will also be proposed as the new Managing Director of Lilleborg AS.

John M. Jørgensen (61) will take up the function as Senior Vice President at Orkla ASA from 1 January 2002. His position will be related to the branded consumer goods business, where he will have corporate responsibility for marketing and sales. Mr Jørgensen will head Orkla's marketing and sales forums, and will be responsible for following up the work of the Orkla Brand School and the Orkla School for Sales Managers.

He will also coordinate Orkla's contacts with the Nordic retail chains. Mr Jørgensen will sit on the board of various Orkla companies in the Nordic region, and will be a member of the newly established Board for Human Resource Development at Orkla. He will also contribute towards business development in the branded consumer goods area.

Torkild Nordberg (44) has a degree in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. He has held a number of positions in Lilleborg, including Director of Personal Care/Cosmetics, head of the Liva Industrial Detergents division, and his present post of Director of Lilleborg Home and Personal Care.

In addition to Lilleborg, Orkla Brands comprises the companies Nidar, Gøteborgs Kex, Sætre, Peter Møller, Freds and La Mote, as well as Orkla's interest in the Chips Scandinavian Company snacks business.

Mr Nordberg will continue to have operational responsibility for Lilleborg Home and Personal Care until further notice.

In their new functions, Mr Nordberg and Mr Jørgensen will report to Executive Vice President Dag J. Opedal at Orkla ASA.