New ready meals from Stabburet

Stabburet is now launching three complete ready meals that have been developed to meet consumer demand for higher quality and healthy nutritional value.

"Consumers take it for granted that ready meals are quick and easy to prepare. With these new products, we want to show that ready meals can also taste good and be healthy," says Heidi Kirkeng, Product Manager at Stabburet. The new products are based on white meat/fish, pasta/potatoes and vegetables.

The ready meals are manufactured in such a way that each ingredient is sprayed with sauce before being frozen and packed.
"This means that they can be prepared quickly by the consumer and it is not necessary to add liquid before heating them up. This production method also ensures that the raw materials retain their flavour and consistency," says Heidi Kirkeng.
In recent years, consumers have become more aware of the connections between diet, health and well-being.

"Good flavour and the body's need for the correct amount of energy have therefore been important in the development of these products. Stabburet's food experts have helped to ensure this," says Heidi Kirkeng. She is delighted that these ready meals have also achieved a high score in the tasting tests carried out for Stabburet by Feedback Research.

The ready meals are supplied in three varieties: Fish Casserole, Pasta Turkey and Pasta Basilika.