ORK - Carlsberg Breweries A/S closes public tender in Poland

16th May 2001 Carlsberg Breweries A/S increased it's shareholding in the Polish brewery Okocimskie Zaklady Piwowarskie S.A. (Okocim) to 50.01 per cent and 17th May 2001 announced a public tender for the outstanding shares at the price of PLN 16.25 per share.

The tender was open until closing of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 2nd July 2001. At the price of PLN 108.6 million. (DKK 238.9 million) Carlsberg Breweries has bought the amount of 6,680,478 shares which equals 30.37 per cent of the share capital. This means Carlsberg Breweries now owns 80.38 per cent of the share capital.

According to the Polish Securities Commission Carlsberg Breweries ownership is not allowed to exceed 75 per cent of the share capital and Carlsberg Breweries therefore has to sell 5.38 per cent of the share capital, when it is possible without economic losses.