ORK - CB acquires 82% of Turk Tuborg

19.09.2001: Public offer in Turkey gives Carlsberg Breweries (CB) a shareholding of 82.46 per cent of Turk Tuborg.

On 6 July 2001, CB acquired the majority shareholding - 50.01 per cent - of the Turkish brewery Turk Tuborg. A public offer for the remaining share capital closed at 17:00hrs on 18 September 2001 Istanbul time.

During the period 4 - 18 September 2001, a total of 192 investors sold 3,652,255,445 shares equivalent to 32.45 per cent of the share capital. This means that CB now has a shareholding of 82.46 per cent in Turk Tuborg.

Turk Tuborg will remain quoted on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.