ORK - CB makes public offer in Turkey

30.08.01: On behalf of Carlsberg Breweries, owned 40% by Orkla and 60% by Carlsberg A/S, the notification below is made. Please confer with notifications regarding the same subject sent the 31.05.01 and 06.06.01.

Carlsberg Breweries makes public offer in Turkey
On 6 July 2001, Carlsberg Breweries A/S (Carlsberg Breweries) acquired the majority shareholding - 50.01 per cent - of the Turkish brewery Türk Tuborg Bira ve Malt Sanayii A.S. (Türk Tuborg).

As majority shareholder of Türk Tuborg, Carlsberg Breweries is obliged under Turkish Capital Markets law to make a public offer at similar financial terms for the remaining share capital. The price offered by Carlsberg Breweries A/S for each share with a nominal value of TL 1,000 is the TL equivalent of USD 0.00977289. The offer opens at 9:00 hrs on 4 September 2001 and closes at 17:00hrs on 18 September 2001 Istanbul time. Friday 31 August 2001 Carlsberg Breweries A/S will insert an advertisement in the Turkish dailies Dunya and Radikal giving details about the public offer.

Prior to the public offer, the shares are owned by the following shareholders:

Name; Per cent of share capital
Carlsberg Breweries; 50.01
Yasar Holding A.S.; 4.80
DYO A.S.; 6.06
Selçuk Yasar; 0.02
Others; 39.11

New Türk Tuborg Board of Directors
Subsequent to Carlsberg Breweries' acquisition of the majority shareholding it was decided at an extraordinary general assembly on 16 July 2001 to change the composition of the Board of Directors of Türk Tuborg and to elect the following members:

Selçuk Yasar, Chairman
Paul Bergqvist, Vice-Chairman, representing Carlsberg Breweries
Geir Nesheim, representing Carlsberg Breweries
Finn Jakobsen, representing Carlsberg Breweries
Barry Marshall, representing Carlsberg Breweries
Feyhan Kalpaklioglu, representing DYO
Hasan Denizkurdu, representing Yasar Holding

It is the intention of Carlsberg Breweries to continue Türk Tuborg as an independent company. Carlsberg Breweries has no intention of owning the company 100%. The shares of Türk Tuborg are to remain listed at the Istanbul Stock Exchange and it is the aim to develop Türk Tuborg further for the benefit of the company, its shareholders and employees.