Orkla ASA - Norwegian bond issue concluded

Orkla ASA announced on 21 May a potential bond issue in the Norwegian market through new loans with 3 years and 3+1 years tenor.
The bond issue has now been concluded and a total of NOK 1 billion was issued, of which NOK 200 million in a 3-year loan with floating interest rate, NOK 200 million in a loan with fixed interest rate and NOK 600 million  in a loan with 3+1 year maturity and floating interest rate. A total of NOK 200 mill. is held in Orkla's treasury. DnB NOR Markets and Nordea Markets have been  arrangers of the bond issue.
Geir Solli, SVP Finance, Tel +2254 4461
Rune Helland, SVP Investor Relations, Tel 2254 4411