Orkla unveils new look

In the past year, Orkla has taken major, decisive steps towards becoming a pure-play branded consumer goods company. This reorientation is reflected in Orkla's new logo and visual identity, which are being presented today.

The story of Orkla began over 350 years ago, when the company started mining operations at Løkken Verk in Sør-Trøndelag. The mining business was profitable, and over the years Orkla developed into an industrial holding company. Today's branded consumer goods business became part of Orkla in 1986 through a merger with Borregaard, which owned Lilleborg and Stabburet, among other companies.

In the past year, Orkla has been transformed from a conglomerate into a branded consumer goods company. Its strategic agenda now is to further develop its position as the leading branded consumer goods company in the Nordic region. Orkla wishes to mark this reorientation today by launching a new logo and visual identity.

"For us, the logo is a clear symbol of Orkla's new direction and our ability to adapt. It symbolises innovation, energy and enthusiasm. We are committed to building and developing strong brands that maintain focus on consumers. Orkla's goal is to improve everyday life with healthier, easier and more enjoyable local brands. Our new logo is designed to communicate warmth and proximity. At the same time, we want to make our aspirations clear - to be a star in the Nordic branded consumer goods markets," declares Orkla President and CEO Åge Korsvold.

The logo and visual identity have been developed by Grid Design in collaboration with an Orkla in-house project group headed by Arve Heltne, SVP Commercial Excellence. The new logo differs from the old in both colour and use of symbols, but maintains the simple, distinct and professional look of Orkla's former logo.

To mark Orkla's transformation into a branded consumer goods company, an event will be held this afternoon for invited guests at the Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo.

Orkla ASA
Oslo, 16 September 2013

EVP Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs
Håkon Mageli
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